Dowel Bar Retrofits

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Dowel Bar Retrofits

Postby TSP2 Admin » Tue Sep 05, 2006 8:07 am

This post is directed towards anyone with experience in Dowel Bar Retrofits. We've been noticing with increasing frequency, problems related to the methodology which is used to chip out the dowel slots. More specifically, when a larger sized chipping hammer is used, microfractures often develop which emanate outward from the slot (see attached diagram below). These microfractures can then reflect upwards through the finished retrofit at a future time.

Has anyone out there had similar experiences? Is there any information on the specific types/sizes of chipping hammers which are problematic? Any alternate methods being used with success?

We're also interested in hearing about particularly successful methods of cleaning the slot sidewalls, and achieving correct dowel bar x.y.z alignment.

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