WisDOT Reports on State Transportation System’s Performance

AASHTO Journal, 10 February 2012

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation last week released a report on the performance of the state transportation system. The report represents the first compilation of WisDOT’s new MAPSS Performance Dashboard, which provides a data-driven analysis to show performance trends for 23 separate measures.”The MAPSS Performance Dashboard provides transparency on how we’re doing and gives the department an added tool to help us meet our goals and achieve success,” Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb said in a statement.

Performance of the state’s transportation system is shown in five strategic goal areas: mobility, accountability, preservation, safety, and service. It includes measures such as highway incident clearance time, construction projects completed on time and on budget, highway and bridge conditions, traffic crashes, and Division of Motor Vehicle services.

Wisconsin’s transportation system is performing well, according to the report. Most performance trends have been holding steady or moving in a favorable direction based on targets established by the department. The trends show urban freeway congestion and surplus property management trending down.

WisDOT’s 28-page January 2012 MAPSS Performance Dashboard Report, a two-page summary, and more information is available at 1.usa.gov/WisDOTperformance.

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