Contractor Employee

Contractor Employee Certification

Company employee certification is valid for three years and is required for key employees of the company.  Key employees are defined as:

  • (1) Company superintendent(s)
  • (2) Company trainer (if designated)
  • (3) Crew foreman
  • (4) Placement machine operator

The employee certification process and three year certification renewal for key employees is as follows:

  • Key employees may be individually certified for one treatment category or multiple treatment categories. The treatment categories are:
    • (1) Slurry Systems (Micro Surfacing, Slurry Seal & Polymer Modified Slurry)
    • (2) Chip Seals and Fog Seals
    • (3) Crack Treatments
  • Key employees are encouraged to complete the web-based training on the specific treatment as a prerequisite to other training. For instructions to register for the free web-based training, please visit:
  • Key employees must attend the training by NCPP at the agency’s facilities. Additional training opportunities may be provided in conjunction with Regional AASHTO TSP•2 Pavement Preservation Partnership meetings. The NCPP training is one-day for each treatment category requested.
  • Company employees must pass an examination given at a training location in a designated treatment category. The examination will be more comprehensive for company employees than for agency personnel and consist of 50 – 80 questions depending on the treatment category.  A passing score will be 70% or better, and passing the examination certifies the employee has a sufficient understanding and knowledge to construct a quality treatment.

Company employee certification carries certain responsibilities to ensure projects are properly constructed.  The minimum responsibilities include:

  • Superintendent
    • (1) Oversees no more than 3 projects at a time
    • (2) Reviews the project QCP with crew foreman, placement machine operator(s), and crew members
    • (3) Witnesses equipment calibration and test strip placement, unless witnessing is assigned to the crew foreman
    • (4) Ensures certification documentation is available prior to beginning work on the project.
  • Crew Foreman
  • (1) Manages and remains on-site for one project at a time
  • (2) Agrees to follow the project QCP
  • (3) Witnesses equipment calibration and test strip placement, unless witnessed by the superintendent
  • (4) Ensures that field adjustments are limited to the following:
    1. Slurry Systems – the addition of additive and water. On occasion, the mineral filler can be adjusted, provided it is the same type material and is within tolerances of the job mix formula (JMF).
    2. Chip Seals and Fog Seals – the emulsified asphalt application rate. Pavement textures may dictate an increase or decrease in the application of emulsified asphalt.
  • Placement Machine Operator(s) and Crew Members
    • (1) Place treatment according to best practices and procedures

Costs for Training and Examination (Per Treatment Category)

Contractor Employees                                      $325

Consultants                                                      $325

Examination Retake                                         $200

Verification of Certification

Employees who pass the certification exam will be issued a durable, non-transferable card stating their name and qualification which will be listed in a searchable certification database located here: Certified Employees Database

Certification Program Administration

The Certification Program for pavement preservation treatments is approved and endorsed by the AASHTO TSP•2 and is administered by the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) at Michigan State University.

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