Certified Employees

The successful placement and performance of slurry seals and micro surfacing has a dramatic impact on long-term financial planning and the ability of agencies to achieve their pavement condition goals.  The principal focus of the slurry system certification process is to insure the pavement professionals and practitioners have the essential skills to achieve project success.

The certification process begins with presentations and discussion of pertinent factors such as selection, design, materials, construction, and quality control that contribute to a good project. This time is intended to sharpen the proficiencies of the professional and practitioner alike.

The second step in the certification process will involve passing a written examination with a score of 70% or better. The examination is a measure of knowledge and will require preparation of the candidate. Completing free ISSA web-based training courses is recommended prior to the attending the session. Instruction for enrolling in this training can be obtained at www.slurry.org under the education tab in the industry training courses folder.

Certified Employees Database

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