Mailing Lists


A LISTSERV is an automated email-based mailing list which allows subscribed users to post messages to the other members of the list. The TSP•2 provides setup and management services for mailing lists requested by member departments.

Ordinarily, the TSP•2 webmaster serves as the list administrator, and the requesting party acts as the list moderator. Participation in all TSP•2 LISTSERVs is restricted to State Highway Agency staff members, and enrollment must be verified with the webmaster.

Active Lists

Provided below is a list of all the TSP•2 LISTSERVs which are currently active. Select any LISTSERV to enroll.

Request a List

To request a new mailing list, contact the LISTSERV Administrator. A new LISTSERV can generally be established within 2 business days. Make sure to specify the name and email address of the list moderator, or alternately, you may request that the LISTSERV Administrator serve as the mailing list Moderator.

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