Company Certification

Company Certification

The contracting company will be responsible for certification as an entity.  Specific certification criteria ensure the company’s workforce is properly trained to understand quality control measures that result in the highest standard of work and treatment performance.  A contractor company certification is valid for two years.  Company certification and bi-annual certification renewal will require the following:

  • A current listing of field employees at the time of certification or renewal.
  • Confirmation of critical experience
    • (1) Company superintendent(s) and company trainer (if designated) have 3 years of specified treatment field experience.
    • (2) Company foreman and/or operators have 2 years of specified treatment field experience
  • A validation of certification for key employees
  • Company superintendent(s)
    • (2) Company trainer (if designated)
    • (3) Crew foreman
    • (4) Placement machine operator
  • A verification of crew/laborer training
    • (1) Completion of web-based training on the specific treatment
    • (2) Internal training records, that include:
  1. A minimum of 4 hours of classroom training by company trainer for each crew/laborer
  2. A minimum of 4 hours of on-the-job (OJT) training by company trainer or superintendent for each crew/laborer
  • Submission of the company’s Quality Control Plan (QCP). This document should define the minimum core efforts required on every project.  In addition, a project-specific QCP must be developed and submitted to the agency at the pre-construction meeting. It should be noted that a project-specific QCP plan is not required for initial certification approval.

Company Decertification

A contractor company may lose certification if the NCPP receives supporting documentation from a certified agency that shows a:

  • Failure to follow the project Quality Control Plan (QCP).
  • Fraudulent action or deliberate misrepresentation
  • Failure to submit required documentation for certification renewal by the renewal date

A resolution process has been established to address a contractor appeal of decertification.  The process includes the following steps:

  • Upon receiving supporting documentation from the certified agency the contractor will be notified by NCPP of the intent to decertify.
  • The contractor must appeal the action in writing to NCPP within 14 days of the notification.
  • If a written appeal is received by NCPP within 14 days, a resolution team will be assembled to review the appeal. The resolution team will comprise a total of 5 third-party members.  There will be 2 members representing the industry, 2 members representing the agency, and 1 representative from NCPP.
  • The resolution team will only consider documented evidence.
  • The decision of the resolution team is final.

A decertified contractor may not apply for re-certification for a period of one year.

Verification of Certification

Contractor employees who pass the certification exam will be issued an electronic certificate stating their name and qualification which will be listed in a searchable certification database located here: Certified Employees Database

Contractor companies that have met the annual certification requirements will be issued a plaque of recognition and will be listed in the certification database identified above.

Certification Program Administration

The Certification Program for pavement preservation treatments is approved and endorsed by the AASHTO Preservation Management program (formerly TSP•2) and is administered by the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) at Michigan State University.

Costs of Company Certification/Recertification (Every Two Years)

Contracting Company                                     $1,200

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