Rejuvenating Treatment Preserves Runway, Grooving

Pavement Preservation Journal, Spring, 2012

Late last year a city-owned airport in California preserved its runway pavements by using a rejuvenating process that also preserved the essential runway grooving.

The city-owned municipal airport of Paso Robles, Calif. — nestled in the Coastal Ranges midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco — has seen increased traffic as the popularity of its surrounding wine country grows.

In addition to booming aviation-driven wine tourism, both the California Highway Patrol and California Department of Forestry maintain bases and aircraft there.

With that kind of air traffic to deal with, late last year Paso Robles undertook a runway pavement preservation program to keep the airfield in top shape for the years to come, but needed to use a rejuvenator that would not clog the functioning grooves in the runway.

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