Implementation of International Road Management Systems

Pavement Preservation Journal, Winter 2012, Volume 5, Number 6

By Dr. Carlos M Chang Albitres, Ph.D., P.E., Dr. Delmar Salomon, Ph.D., and Iraki Ibarra, M.S.C.E., E.I.T.

Road Management Systems (RMS) in developing countries are in varying stages of development. The construction and preservation road management concepts are known but not fully implemented in these RMSs.

In order to assess the state of the art of international RMS, a survey was conducted by the Road Asset Management Task Force of the International Road Federation (IRF). This paper documents the results of the survey based on responses from 17 agencies across the world.

It was found that most of the countries are in a road expansion mode, and are eager to assimilate lessons learned by other agencies in order to implement an effective road management program. It’s hoped this paper will foster an ongoing discussion about RMS, with focus on the implementation of effective maintenance and rehabilitation

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