National Conference Gives New Momentum to Preservation Movement

Pavement Preservation Journal, Winter 2012, Volume 5, Number 6

By Tom Kuennen

The National Pavement Preservation Conference—held Aug. 27-30 in Nashville—gave new momentum to the pavement preservation movement, while it informed pavement managers of the options that are available to them.

There, attendance exceeded expectations, exhibit space sold out, and an exciting field demonstration of multiple pavement preservation treatments raised awareness of the potential for expansion of preservation activities into every part of North America and in foreign countries.

At the National Pavement Preservation Conference, 48 exhibitors and over 500 delegates from across the continent and around the world came together for this year’s No. 1 event in the growing field of pavement preservation.

“For two years, your leadership at FP2 Inc. has been engaged with the staff of the National Center for Pavement Preservation to plan and develop this most important event in 2012 in pavement preservation,” said FP2 president
Mike Buckingham. “As it unfolded we all became aware that something special was happening, and the conference
invigorated the movement and all who participated.”

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