SHRP2’s Latest Assistance Round Offers More Than $7 Million in Direct Incentives

AASHTO Journal, 29 May 2015

The second Strategic Highway Research Program is making available more than $7 million in direct financial assistance to state departments of transportation, tribal nations and other agencies as incentives to help them use its research products, as part of the latest round of SHRP2 incentives.


Pamela Hutton, SHRP2 implementation manager at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, said in addition to those direct financial incentives, “we also make available technical assistance through subject matter experts” who can help steer product users in applying the research to projects in the field.

AASHTO and the Federal Highway Administration launched Round 6 of the program’s Implementation Assistance Program for SHRP2 products on May 29, after weeks preparing the industry through advance notices and in-depth webinars about the new products.

For this round, SHRP2’s incentives apply to six new products. Full details about those products, and the recorded webinar sessions, are available at both the AASHTO SHRP2 website, and the SHRP2 site at the FHWA.

Two of the new products focus on pavement options – composite and precast concrete.

Two others involve utilities, one employing high-technology to locate buried utility lines and the other focused on ways to improve cooperation among highway agencies and utilities for faster project delivery.

One Round 6 product eligible for the incentives is “work zone impacts and strategies estimator software,” which analyzes the construction effect of multiple, concurrent work zones.

The other is “PlanWorks,” which SHRP2 describes as a “systematic web-based resource that supports collaborative decision-making to deliver projects that meet environmental, community and mobility needs.”

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