Research Report 400 Minimising traffic delays during resealing

NZ Transport explores approaches to construct a chip seal and open to unrestricted traffic

Research report 400 Minimising traffic delays during resealing

Published: Apr 2010

This research demonstrated that:

• racked-in seals can handle the stress of high-volume traffic

• racked-in seals can be constructed in an eight-hour working period including any sweeping and road marking

• closely controlled chip application rates result in minimal loose chip on surface

• minimal loose chip results in minimal chip being flicked by vehicle tyres

• speed restrictions can be lifted to 50–70km/h at the completion of the line marking

• unrestricted traffic can be placed on the seal the morning after resealing.

The requirement for a newly sealed chip seal road to be opened to traffic speeds of at least 70km/h for peak evening traffic could be included in the construction specifications. This would assist in minimising motorists’ frustration at the traffic delays caused by road sealing.

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