New Chip Seal and Micro Surfacing Study Available

Effectiveness of Chip Sealing and Micro Surfacing on Pavement Serviceability and Life

Chip Seal and Micro Surfacing are important components of  ODOT’s  pavement preventive maintenance program.  Thorough understanding of how well these treatments are performing is critical to the nature and extent of their continued use in the future.   Currently, there is a lack of objective information on  fundamental issues such as the expected improvement in pavement condition resulting from the use of chip seal and micro surfacing, the extent to which the treatments slow the deterioration of the pavement, and the optimum timing of the treatment.  As a result, present guidelines are based on anecdotal observations and experience.  This study was initiated to systematically evaluate and quantify the performance and cost-effectiveness of ODOT’s current chip sealing and microsurfacing practices  using the data from completed and in-service projects.

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