Bituminous Materials and Mixtures 2010, Volume 1

TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2179 contains 12 papers that explore alkali-silica reaction-affected recycled concrete aggregate; construction, rehabilitation, and material alternatives for flexible pavement; measuring low-temperature properties of asphalt binders; measurement of water diffusion in asphalt binders; the influence of aging temperature on rheological and chemical properties of asphalt binders; polyphosphoric acid modification of asphalt; the estimation of reclaimed asphalt pavement binder low-temperature properties without extraction; aggregate retention of chip seals; determining asphalt binder properties of recycled asphalt pavement mixtures; using thixotropy to analyze fatigue and healing characteristics of asphalt binder; the evaluation of a high reclaimed asphalt pavement/warm-mix asphalt project; and the rheological behavior of emulsion residues from the evaporative recovery method.

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