Tennessee DOT Unveils New Agency Logo

AASHTO Journal, 28 October 2011

The Tennessee Department of Transportation last week unveiled a new look logo.”TDOT’s logo should represent the department’s commitment to the people of Tennessee and our connection to other state agencies,” said Tennessee Transportation Commissioner John Schroer in a statement. “We are a large agency with facilities in all 95 Tennessee counties and this new look will provide TDOT with a strong identity that symbolizes unity and pride in the state we represent.”

According to TDOT’s official announcement, the new logo incorporates the three stars as well as the official red, white, and blue colors of the Tennessee state flag, providing continuity with the state of Tennessee and other state agencies.

The new logo, created by TDOT staff, was selected by TDOT employees, with more than two thousand staff members casting ballots to choose the winning design. New signage for TDOT’s Headquarters, Regional offices, and district and county facilities will be created in-house and will be installed by TDOT employees.

TDOT will continue to use the current logo with the green arrow for its SmartWAY Intelligent Transportation System. An image of the new TDOT logo is is available at bit.ly/tdotlogo.

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