NHI Course 134109C – Thin HMA Overlays and Leveling (Web-based Training)


Thin HMA overlays and leveling are common pavement treatments and can be a central part of a maintenance crew’s activities. During the Thin HMA Overlays and Leveling training, participants will be introduced to the characteristics and purposes of thin HMA overlays as well as the placement of leveling courses. Each of these techniques is capable of improving the functionality of an otherwise structurally sound pavement.

The training also covers information on the materials, personnel, and equipment needed for thin HMA overlays; items that should be considered when making project selection decisions; and guidance on proper mixture compaction. This information is designed to help participants improve project planning and execution for thin HMA overlays and leveling treatments.

This training was developed as part of the Maintenance Training Series. To access all the courses in the series, enroll in the 134109 course.

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