NHI Course 134109F – Outdoor Advertising and Litter Control (Web-based Training)


The Highway Beautification Act (HBA) of 1965 mandated a state program, based on Federal rules and regulations, for improving motorists’ visual experiences on the roadway. The HBA affects billboards and advertisements along State roadways. The Outdoor Advertising and Litter Control course familiarizes maintenance personnel with the rules and regulations governing placement and control of outdoor advertising along highway rights-of-way to ensure they are in compliance with the standards stipulated in the HBA. Additionally, the course covers litter control safety for public groups assisting State DOTs in litter pickup.

Participants learn about the rules and regulations for maintaining and controlling outdoor advertising, guidance on administering an outdoor advertising program, the steps involved in the permitting process, and appropriate actions for non-compliance by sign owners. Additionally, participants are encouraged to compare the standards outlined in the HBA to their State’s rules and regulations, which may include stricter provisions than those in the HBA.

This training was developed as part of the Maintenance Training Series. To access all the courses in the series, enroll in the 134109 course.

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