NHI Course 134110 – TCCC Change Orders, Claims, and Dispute Resolutions (Web-based Training)


Highway construction contracts often require modification due to scope changes, differing site conditions, or a number of other reasons. Administration of changes and/or claims can result in a dispute. Some contracts have a dispute resolution process specified to facilitate timely administration of the issue. This training explores all of these topics and more and provides you with an overview of the change process, the claim process, and the Federal government’s role in these situations.

The Change Orders, Claims, and Dispute Resolutions course contains two lessons. Lesson 1 contains information on change orders and Lesson 2 covers claims and dispute resolutions. This course discusses the relationship between the contractor and owner and different ways a change can be handled between the two. The course has good information on how to avoid a claim. When a claim does occur, the course covers the claim process and the federal government’s role in the process. The course includes videos, questions and answers, and reviews all the key points throughout the training.

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