Highway Design 2011

TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2262 contains 23 papers that explore spacing between freeway ramps, three-dimensional alignment, sight distance, design consistency for two-lane highways, passing process on two-lane rural highways, reduced-conflict intersections, operational interactions between freeway managed lanes and parallel, general purpose lanes, and sight distance measurement.

This TRR also examines bridge rail and approach railing for low-volume roads, non-blocked guardrail system for wire-faced walls of mechanically stabilized earth, low-cost, energy-absorbing bridge rail, two bridge railings for transverse nail-laminated timber deck bridges, short-radius guardrail system, effect of barrier type on injury severity in motorcycle-to-barrier collisions, and bio-retention boxes in hot and semiarid regions.

In addition, this TRR highlights sustainable management strategies for roadside vegetation; context-sensitive solutions; hydrographs and estimates of scour depth excess for pier scour prediction; estimating joint flow probabilities at stream confluences; hydrologic uncertainty in prediction of bridge scour; removal, by vegetated bio-filter, of medium and low concentrations of pollutants in highway runoff; and utility challenges in project development.

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