Pavement Management 2011: Volume 1

TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2225 consists of 18 papers that explore a model of road-user costs, prioritizing network-level maintenance of pavement segments with multiple distresses, axle load power for pavement fatigue cracking, pavement performance models, models for preliminary analysis of flexible pavement serviceability index data, pavement management system decisions, integrated maintenance and expansion planning, and implementation of the mechanistic–empirical pavement design guide for county roads.

This issue of the TRR also examines rating materials-related distress of concrete airfield pavements, an enhanced pavement distress segmentation algorithm, classifying and quantifying cracking of flexible pavements, infrastructure condition data, accelerated pavement testing and gradation-based performance evaluation method, asphalt fatigue from full-scale testing, economic benefits assessment of accelerated pavement testing, and pavement shear strain response to dual and wide-base tires.

Read TRR Journal 2225

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