Pavement Preservation in our National Parks

Pavement preservation: Applying the right treatment, to the right road, at the right time.

Demands on the road networks in our national park properties continue to rise with increased visitation. At the same time, funds available for road maintenance grow ever tighter. The transportation infrastructure of our national parks represents a huge asset investment of more than $20 billion.

All roads begin deteriorating as soon as they are built; they are subjected to water, freeze-thaw cycles, solar radiation, as well as varying traffic loads. Typically, pavements perform well under loads until a particular point in their life spans, and then deteriorate precipitously and rapidly to failure. The road is then rehabilitated or totally reconstructed.  A more cost-effective approach is needed to maintain park roads and meet the public’s expectations for safety, ride quality, and optimum traffic flow, while protecting the capital investment in the park transportation networks.

Read the NPS’ Fact Sheet

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