Kansas DOT Program Recognized for Excellence

AASHTO Journal, 18 May 2012

Kansas Department of Transportation’s Federal Funds Exchange Program was recognized last week for its innovation and cooperation with local communities.

The Federal Funds Exchange Program received the Excellence in Program Operations award at the 2012 American Public Works Association and Kansas County Highway Association joint conference in Newton. The voluntary program allows local public agencies to trade some or all of their federal fund allocations in a fiscal year with KDOT in exchange for state transportation dollars, or with other local agencies in exchange for their funds. The program was created to give local agencies more flexibility to both design and build projects, as federal funding normally comes with specific standards that can cause projects to cost more to build than state projects.

“The Federal Fund Exchange Program has definitely benefited city and county agencies that are members of the Kansas Chapter of APWA by giving them flexibility in local project management,” said Suzanne Loomis, co-chair of the conference, in a statement. “We’re pleased KDOT is working to make an even stronger partnership with Kansas cities and counties.”

More information on the Federal Fund Exchange Program is available at bit.ly/FedFundsEx.

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