AASHTOWare Gets Full Makeover

AASHTO Journal, 15 June 2012

AASHTO’s software suite for transportation infrastructure analysis, design, and management, AASHTOWare, may look at little different to users through the next year and a half.

While AASHTOWare will remain the overall name of the brand, many of the individual products are undergoing name changes in order to allow each product to grow, while still connecting to the overall AASHTOWare brand. The following product names will be changed under the new branding plan:

  • Trns•port will become AASHTOWare Project
  • Turbo Relocation will become AASHTOWare Right of Way Relocation
  • BRIDGEWare will become AASHTOWare Bridge
  • DARWin-ME is changing to AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design
  • SafetyAnalyst is changing to AASHTOWare Safety Analysis

Along with the naming changes, the product logos are also changing to update the look and feel of the brand, and promote a more uniform identity under the master AASHTOWare brand.

“I think the new AASHTOWare branding will really help us communicate the value of our product set in plain English and remove some of the mystery about the nature and extent of our offerings,” said Jan Edwards, AASHTOWare project director.

The full transition to the new branding should be completed by the end of 2013. More information on the AASHTOWare suite of products is available at bit.ly/aashtoware.

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