Driving America for Better Roads – Episode 3, Part 2

Here is the third episode (part 2) of the new hit series, Driving America for Better Roads sponsored by International Pavement Management Association, IPMA Charter Members and Industry Supporters. Spend a few minutes with your host Blair Barnhardt as he travels tirelessly across this great country spreading the pavement management gospel. We don’t have to have D- Infrastructure in America! Join the movement as he educates engineers, academia and normal citizens about the benefits of incorporating in place asphalt recycling, pavement preservation and pavement management into The Three Legged Stool approach.

Blair teaches us how to preserve and rehabilitate our roadways in USA by using the most cost effective, eco efficient methods possible. Our Country is on a path to F rated roadways and a 3 Trillion Dollar backlog of deficient roads by 2040 if we don’t change the way we do things. If you would like to learn more, join the movement and/or make a contribution towards the goal, please visit www.drivingamericaforbetterroads.com today!

Listen to the Message

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