AASHTO Names New Subcommittee Chairs, Announces Other Appointments

AASHTO Journal, 21 December 2012

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials President and Rhode Island Department of Transportation Director Mike Lewis today announced new chairs to two AASHTO subcommittees.

Gregg Fredrick, assistant chief engineer at the Wyoming Department of Transportation, was appointed to a two-year stint as Chair of the Highways Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures. This AASHTO subcommittee is responsible for developing and updating all major engineering standards, specifications and principles relating to the methods and procedures of bridge and structural design, fabrication, erection, and maintenance.

Nebraska Department of Roads Chief Engineer Mostafa Jamshidi, P.E., will take over as chair of the Highways Subcommittee on Materials, while Georgene Geary, Georgia Department of Transportation state research engineer, has been tapped to fill the vice chair spot. Both will serve two-year terms in their roles. This subcommittee prepares, publishes, and updates: specifications for materials used in construction and maintenance of transportation facilities (including highways, bridges, and structures); specifications for standard methods of sampling and testing those materials incident to construction, maintenance and operation of those facilities; and information on the performance of special products evaluated by member departments. The Subcommittee on Materials is also responsible for monitoring and overseeing AASHTO’s Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL).

Two individuals were also named as members to the AASHTO Standing Committee on Research for four-year terms: Timothy McDowell, transportation programming engineer at the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and Stephen Pepin, manager of research and ITS planning programs at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The Standing Committee on Research keeps track of all transportation research programs across the country and solicits research problem area proposals from AASHTO member departments and committees, screening those proposals, arranging them by priority and need, and recommending annual research programs for AASHTO consideration.

All appointments are effective immediately. ​​

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