Connecticut DOT Launches New Mobile Apps, Tennessee DOT Reaches 35,000 for its Own

AASHTO Journal, 1 February 2013

Connecticut Department of Transportation launched a series of smartphone applications this week, while Tennessee announced it hit 35,000 downloads for its own mobile app last Friday.

CDOT’s new apps are Connecticut Traffic Advisor and Connecticut MultiCam. These apps allow users to see traffic advisories, access traffic cameras, view full-color previews of interstate message signs, and more. Connecticut Traffic Advisor costs $2.99, while Connecticut MultiCam costs users $1.99. ConnDOT is the first agency within the state to offer mobile apps. The apps can be found at and are available for the iPhone. The web site also provides links to other helpful apps including Amtrak, iTrans Metro-North, INRIX, RoadAhead, and Google Maps, which allow users to check both Amtrak and Metro-North rail service, view bus schedules and routes, access public transportation information, and more. These apps are available for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

“These apps give us another way to communicate with travelers and get them the best information quickly—they make government more accessible,” said CDOT Commissioner James Redeker in a statement. “Governor Malloy has been a strong advocate of using technology to make government less expensive and easier to navigate. For commuters who depend on the DOT for road and travel updates, this is another way that the DOT is improving responsiveness.”

As CDOT gets used to these new apps, Tennessee announced its own app, SmartWay App, has been downloaded to 35,000 mobile devices since its launch in December. TDOT’s app allows users to identify their current location which then shows traffic speeds, any accidents, road construction and conditions, dynamic message sign displays, and more. The app is free and available at both the Apple Store (for iPhones) and the Play Store (for Android devices).

“It’s great that thousands of motorists are taking advantage of this free resource, and we encourage more drivers to give it a try,” said TDOT Commissioner John Schroer in a statement. “The SmartWay App not only gives you real time traffic information that can help you avoid delays, it can be customized to provide only the information you want.”

Both state DOTs explicitly direct users to check the apps before taking a trip and not utilize them while driving. ​​

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