Nevada DOT Director Appointed Chair of AASHTO Highway Traffic Safety Committee

AASHTO Journal, 15 February 2013

Rudy Malfabon, director of the Nevada Department of Transportation, was named Chair of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials’ Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety (SCOHTS) this week by AASHTO President Mike Lewis. Malfabon will serve a two-year term as Chair.

SCOHTS encourages, recommends, and supports highway safety programs to reduce highway crashes, especially those involving fatalities and serious injuries, on all highway systems, and promote national health and economic growth. The committee is also responsible for the development and continuous updating of the AASHTO Strategy Highway Safety Plan. SCOHTS serves as a forum to disseminate and exchange information on any innovative measures that national organizations, states, and localities develop to improve safety among AASHTO members.

Malfabon has served as NDOT director since last September. He began his career at the department in 1984 as an inspector on the Flamingo Road interchange at I-15 in Las Vegas, working his way up to chief engineer and then deputy director. He also spent time at Washington State Department of Transportation and in the private sector.

Additional information on SCOHTS is available here.

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