N.C. Senate Pushes 75 mph Speed Limits

Tom Warne Report, 20 April 2013

Land Line Magazine – April 16, 2013

Drivers could see faster speed limits on some roadways in North Carolina through a bill making headway in North Carolina, which has set 70 mph for all vehicles on interstates and most highways. A measure to raise speeds to 75 mph has been advanced by the Senate with a 45-1 vote.

The approval comes just eight days after the Senate Transportation Committee passed the measure, which would give the state DOT permission to increase speed limits to 75 mph on affected roadways along stretches where it is considered reasonable for faster travel.

While 13 states have speed limits of at least 75 mph, Maine is currently the only one east of the Mississippi River, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. Supporters say the higher limits would let travel move better on roadways that do not see heavy traffic. Critics of the plan argue that it will result in drivers traveling in excess of 80 mph, and faster speeds also decreases fuel efficiency.


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