AASHTO Announces Breakout Session Topics for Upcoming Annual Meeting

AASHTO Journal, 13 September 2013

Registration continues for the 2013 AASHTO Annual Meeting, which will be held Oct. 17-21 in Denver. The meeting will feature track sessions on:

  • “Defining the National Vision for Surface Transportation—and How to Pay for It” will examine proposals that aim to provide a substantial national transportation policy platform for the future. Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner and AASHTO Standing Committee on Finance and Administration Chair John Schroer will moderate this session.
  • “Identifying the ‘Customer’ in Customer Service: Creating a Fresh Agency-Wide Approach to Consistently Engaging Your Key Stakeholders” will explore the value of a customer-focused approach and discuss strategies for viewing state DOTs through the eyes of those who use our transportation systems.
  • “Eco-Logical: The Next Generation of Environmental Stewardship” will demonstrate how implementing the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2)’s Eco-Logical well in advance of large maintenance projects or new construction can expedite planning and permitting processes so construction can start more quickly.
  • “Are VMT and Road User Fees the Future of Federal Transportation Finance,” which will review the current status of various user-fee concepts as an alternative to the gas tax for consideration at the state level around the country, examine the development and deployment of the nation’s first permanent road user charge program in Oregon, and determine the implication of these sub-federal developments to the future of federal program funding. Michael Bridges of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and chair of the AASHTO Subcommittee on Transportation Finance Policy will moderate the session.
  • “About Leadership: The Five Key Things that Must Exist to Ensure Your Agency Enjoys a Robust Public Involvement, Communications Programs,” will discuss the most important elements of successful public involvement and communications programs.
  • “Using Performance Measurement for Federal and State Transportation Programs,” will feature a town hall on implementation issues related to national-level performance measures, such as data collection and reporting requirements, target setting, performance plans, and other major issues identified by AASHTO stakeholders.
  • “Riding Out the Storm—Extreme Weather Preparation and Recovery,” will discuss case studies on the extreme weather experiences of state DOTs, an overview of trends and projections for extreme weather in the U.S., and potential risk management.

Additional information on all speakers and sessions, including others not listed here, is available at www.aashtoannualmeeting.org.

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