West Virginia DOT Celebrates Opening of Road Extension Project to Cut Congestion

AASHTO Journal, 13 September 2013

Officials from the West Virginia Department of Transportation and the federal government joined elected officials Wednesday to mark the completion of a roadway extension project in Martinsburg, set to cut down congestion and improve traffic flow through downtown.

The project, broken into three separate contracts totaling $20.8 million, consists 1.2 miles of new roadway that connects existing Raleigh Street on the southern end (at the intersection of Race and Raleigh streets) and continues north to the intersection of Edwin Miller Boulevard. WVDOT officials say the extension will alleviate congestion on Queen Street through downtown Martinsburg.

“Thanks to the support and cooperation of the Federal Highway Administration, Senator John Unger, Martinsburg Mayor Georgie Karos, and City Manager Mark Baldwin, next week the completion of the Raleigh Street Extension will no longer be a projection,” said WVDOT Secretary Paul Mattox in a statement. “It will be a reality. I look forward to joining them next week to celebrate what will be the area’s newest asset.”

Karos agreed with Mattox in highlighting the importance of partnership to the project’s construction.

“It has been a long time coming,” Karos said. “But with the patience and perseverance, along with the cooperation from municipal, county, and state resources, we can achieve great things for the betterment of Martinsburg, the Eastern Panhandle, and the State of West Virginia.”

Additional information on the Raleigh Street Extension project is available here.


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