Massachusetts Gov. Announces New Infrastructure Investments for Boston Region

AASHTO Journal, 25 October 2013

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced this week new investments and infrastructure improvements for the Boston metropolitan area aimed at enhancing accessibility and easing traffic and congestion in and around the city. Patrick delivered the announcement at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Tuesday.

“Growth requires investment, and these projects will catalyze growth in greater Boston,” said Patrick in a statement. “If we want to expand opportunity in our Commonwealth, this is what government must do and do well.”

About $1.3 billion will be used to replace the 44-year-old Red Line and 32-year-old Orange Line cars for Boston’s subway. The new cars will have updated features to increase capacity and improve safety and reliability. To ease congestion on one of the region’s major highways, Patrick also announced changes to the Massachusetts Turnpike by installing all electronic tolling and re-aligning a section of the turnpike to replace a half-mile-long structurally deficient section in Boston.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation officials hailed the announcement of additional investment in the state’s transportation system.

“The Governor has a proven track record over seven years of making strategic decisions about targeting investment where it has the greatest positive impact on our transportation customers, and the Turnpike improvements and new T cars are historic additions to that record,” said MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard Davey.

Patrick’s remarks to the Chamber of Commerce are available here.

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