Michigan Aims to Increase Safety for Workers, Drivers with Release of 2014 Construction Map

AASHTO Journal, 28 March 2014

To keep the public informed of work zones across the state, which should translate to keeping drivers and people working in those areas safer, Michigan Department of Transportation this week made available a map of all planned road and bridge construction across the state.

The free annual “Paving the Way” state highway construction map identifies resurfacing projects, bridge repairs and replacements, highway reconstruction projects, ramp realignments, intersection upgrades, and many other tasks MDOT has planned for 2014. Also included in the documentĀ are contact information for regional MDOT offices, a list of various traffic laws to abide by (such as speeding in work zones, texting while driving, and seat belt usage), as well information on MDOT’s Toward Zero Deaths safety campaign.

“MDOT provides both printed and online versions of this map so that as many motorists as possible are prepared for Michigan’s upcoming construction season,” said MDOT Director Kirk Steudle in a statement. “We remind everyone to slow down and be alert when driving through any work zone. Nearly 99 percent of all people hurt or killed in work zones are drivers and their passengers. Avoid distractions, don’t tailgate, and pay attention to barrels, cones, signs, and workers.”

MDOT’s 2014 construction map is available at various rest stops and welcome centers across the state, as well as in PDF form online. Those interested in receiving a printed version of the map may contact MDOTwebinfo AT Michigan.gov.

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