FHWA Sends States $232 Million in Grants for Emergency Repairs Back to 2007

AASHTO Journal, 20 February 2015

The U.S. Department of Transportation is sending out reimbursements totaling more than $232 million to more than half the nation for emergency road and bridge repairs they have made after storms or other unusual events going back to 2007.

Drawn from the Federal Highway Administration’s emergency relief program, the money is being disbursed to 26 states and Puerto Rico.

Colorado received the most at $55 million – to help pay for its recovery from severe September 2013 mountain flooding that devastated hundreds of roads. Arizona received $36 million for a 2013 slope failure and Ohio $34 million for rock fall damages in 2012.

Arizona also received a $1 million payment for damages from a 2010 winter storm. And Oklahoma was awarded just over $1 million for flooding in May and June 2007, the oldest event reimbursed from this list.

Outside of storms, Alabama is receiving $4.6 million and Tennessee about $2 million for repairs to bridges from truck fires in 2014, while Delaware gets $4 million for costs it incurred last year to fix an I-495 bridge pier that had started to distort the highway.

The FHWA’s emergency relief program reimburses states for eligible expenses associated with damage from natural disasters or other emergency situations, based on their requests. The funds help to pay for rebuilding or replacing damaged highways and bridges, plus arranging detours and replacing guardrails or other damaged safety devices.

“We want states to know that they can go ahead and expedite repairs where they are needed most following a disaster and that they will be repaid,” said Acting Federal Highway Administrator Gregory Nadeau. “It is our top priority to help states and their communities that have been hurt by storms like these — so their residents can get back to traveling freely and safely again.”

Here is the complete list of 49 qualifying emergency events that received awards from the FHWA account.

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