Gas Pump Prices Hover in Narrow Range

AASHTO Journal, 3 April 2015

The average U.S. retail price of gasoline hardly moved from week to week during March, the Energy Information Administration reported with the results of its March 30 survey of fueling stations.


That day the average pump price across the nation was $2.448 a gallon, the agency said, down nearly a cent from $2.547 on March 23.

But in the five weeks that began March 2, the national average has moved no more than four cents.

That flattening or lull in price moves is in contrast to months of steady declines during 2014 that cut more than $1.60 a gallon off gasoline, and then a sustained spike early this winter that recovered about 40 cents. The last significant weekly price change for gas was a 14-cent jump from Feb. 23 to March 2.

The EIA said the March 30 price left consumers paying $1.13 less per gallon than at the same point in 2014.

Diesel’s national average price for the latest week was $2.824, the EIA said, which was $1.15 below the year-earlier level.

Its recent pattern has diverged somewhat from gasoline, as the price of the main fuel used by commercial trucks has fallen 12 cents since March 9 and as of March 30 was the lowest in more than five years.

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