Caltrans’ Dougherty Tells TTV About Plans for a Pilot Test of a Direct Road User Charge

AASHTO Journal, 17 April 2015

dougherty.png Dougherty

This week on Transportation TV, California Department of Transportation Director Malcolm Dougherty shares his views on an important new source of funding for transportation projects – a pilot test of a road user charge based on direct use of the highway system.

After the California Legislature recently voted to authorize a fee system based on user miles, Dougherty told TTV that “we’re going to follow Oregon’s lead and do a pilot for a road user charge in California.” It must be in place by Jan. 1, 2017, he noted.

This report is the latest in the TTV series of “Two Minute State DOT Update” videos. In it, Dougherty explains why finding a sustainable, long-term source of funding for transportation projects is critical to California and the nation as a whole, as CalTrans joins other state DOTs seeking to broaden the revenue base for infrastructure improvements beyond the traditional on motor fuel charges.

He said investing in transportation is important to both stimulate the economy and improve the quality of life for residents, and the pilot will help develop a “good model” for future funding.

These and other videos of interest to the transportation sector are available anytime at the TTV website.


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