Average Gas Price Jumps Nearly 8 Cents in Latest Week; Diesel Rises 2.6 Cents

AASHTO Journal, 24 April 2015


Motor fuel prices spiked at U.S. fueling stations in the latest week, the Energy Information Administration said, with gasoline rising an average of 7.7 cents a gallon while the diesel average rose 2.6 cents.

The EIA reported the increases following its April 20 weekly survey of fueling stations around the country.

For gasoline, the increase was the first in five weeks and took the average pump price to $2.485, the highest since March 9.

However, average gas prices remain below where they were anytime in 2014 except for the last two weeks of December. And the EIA’s year-ago average price was almost $1.20 higher.

The price bump for diesel fuel was the first increase in seven weeks, and left its average price of $2.80 nearly where it was the first week of April.

Even so, diesel prices remain around their lowest levels in five years or more, and the EIA’s latest diesel average was $1.19 below what truckers and other diesel buyers paid at this point last year.

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