Governor unveils plan to reduce thruway tolls and billons to fix roads

WSYR TV, 6 January 2016

Governor reducing thruway tolls and spending $22 billion to fix state roads

Governor Cuomo was in Liverpool this morning where he proposed cutting tolls in half for the New York residents and businesses who utilize the Thruway most often.

The toll reduction would benefit nearly one million passenger, business and farm vehicles.

“This year we are going to reinvest in Upstate New York like never before,” said Governor Cuomo.

“The Thruway is a vital artery for commerce and transportation throughout Upstate, so we are going to deliver major toll relief to New Yorkers. We are going to reduce tolls for businesses and drivers who rely on it the most, eliminate them for farmers bringing their goods to market, and freeze tolls for everyone else until at least 2020. And we are going to move forward with the largest capital plan in state history. Together we can support and rebuild our vital infrastructure and unlock the potential of Upstate New York for years to come.”

Car owners who use E-ZPass and pay $50 or more in annual tolls will see an annual average savings of $97.

Business and commercial vehicles using E-ZPass and paying between $100 and $9,999 will see an average annual savings between $686 and $1872.

Vehicles owned by farmers using E-ZPass and used to bring farm goods to market would have tolls eliminated completely through a 100 percent credit, saving the agricultural sector $5 million annually.

The state is investing $700 million in Thruway infrastructure. As a result of this investment the Thruway will be able to freeze tolls for all drivers until at least 2020.

The Governor also announced a $22 billion multi-year capital plan to upgrade critical roads, bridges and other vital transportation infrastructure throughout the state, especially in Upstate.

It is the largest capital program in the state’s history.

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