Freeway Operations; Regional Systems Management and Operations; Managed Lanes 2015


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2484, explores 20 papers related to freeway operations, regional systems management and operations, and managed lanes, including:

  • Acceleration Characteristics at Metered On-Ramps
  • Assessment of Speed Limit Locations Using Crowdsourced Probe Vehicle Data
  • Traffic Performance Analysis of Dynamic Merge Control Using Microsimulation
  • Effects of Traffic Cameras on Incident Management: Validation of Statistically Significant Effects Using Field Data
  • Dynamic Lane Assignment Approach for Freeway Weaving Segment Operation
  • Coordinated Ramp Metering Based on On-Ramp Saturation Time Synchronization
  • Incident-Induced Delays on Freeways: Quantification Method by Grouping Similar Traffic Patterns
  • Design of Real-Time Emergency Response System for Highway Networks: Application for High Frequency of Traffic Emergency Events During Peak Hours
  • Quality Evaluation Method for Variable Speed Limit Systems: Incident Detection and Warning Potential
  • Impact of Traffic Incidents on Reliability of Freeway Travel Times
  • Wrong-Way Driving Prevention: Incident Survey Results and Planned Countermeasure Implementation in Florida
  • Estimation of Freeway Density Based on Combination of Data: Point Traffic Detector Data and Automatic Vehicle Identification Data
  • Wrong-Way Driving: Multifactor Risk-Based Model for Florida Interstates and Toll Facilities
  • Long-Term Monitoring of Wrong-Way Maneuvers at Diverging Diamond Interchanges
  • Evaluation of Conditional Transit Signal Priority Technology for Regional Implementation
  • Different Types of High-Occupancy Vehicle Access Control: Comparative Analysis of Empirical Capacities
  • Managed Lane Toll Prices: Impact of Transportation Demand Management Activities and Toll Exemptions
  • Carousel Method: Reliable Method for Collecting Average Vehicle Occupancy Data for Multilane Freeways
  • Designing Minnesota’s I-35E MnPASS Managed Lane Extension: Addressing Public Perceptions of a Lane Take-Away
  • Dedicated Bus and Queue Jumper Lanes at Signalized Intersections with Nearside Bus Stops: Person-Based Evaluation

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