2016 Transportation Research Record Release Update


TRB has completed its pilot project to edit, typeset, and publish 166 peer-reviewed, early-acceptance papers in the 2016 Transportation Research Record (TRR) journal series, with the posting of 18 papers on TRR Online on March 31. The papers are grouped into 45 volumes. The most recently posted papers cover topics in asphalt materials, pavement management, traffic monitoring, and transportation in developing countries, joining papers already published online on such topics as resilience and climate change; pavement management; bicycles and motorcycles; visibility and work zone traffic control; freeway operations; public transportation; marine transportation; railroads; highway capacity and quality of service; geological, geoenvironmental, and geotechnical engineering; truck and bus safety and roundabouts; concrete materials; revenue, finance, pricing, and economics; environment; freight systems; planning; aviation; statistical methods and highway safety performance; pedestrians; and more.
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