Research and Technology Coordinating Committee Report: September 6, 2016


A September 6, 2016 report from TRB’s Research and Technology Coordinating Committee (RTCC) to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) offers recommendations addressing shortfalls in funding for the FHWA Research and Technology (R&T) Program, particularly for the Exploratory Advanced Research Program. The committee compliments FHWA’s progress in evaluating the R&T program and in communicating the benefits of the R&T program. The RTCC also encourages FHWA to begin defining R&T to address important, long-term transportation issues.

The RTCC’s charge is to monitor and review FHWA’s research and technology activities; advise FHWA on setting a research agenda and coordination of highway research with states, universities, and other partners; review strategies to accelerate the deployment and adoption of innovation; and identify areas where research may be needed. RTCC’s review includes the process of research agenda setting; stakeholder involvement; and the conduct of research, peer review, and deployment. The committee’s role is to provide strategic, policy-level advice on topical priorities, processes, and strategies to accelerate the adoption of innovation.

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