TRB Straight to Recording for All: Towards Cyber Physical Systems in Construction

TRB recorded a series of videos in September 2016 on the development and use of cyber physical systems during the construction of transportation projects. Cyber physical systems integrate computing, sensing, networking, and communication capabilities with physical processes. The technology has the potential to improve the coordination, mobility, productivity, and safety during the construction phase of projects, such as for highways, airports, and bridges. This series discusses the state of the art and practice of cyber physical systems. The videos are available on-demand at no cost.

Here are the slides from the presentations.



  • Kurt Hoffmeister, Mechdyne Corporation, email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • Pingbo Tang, Arizona State University, email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • Robert Arnold, Federal Highway Administration, email hidden; JavaScript is required

Moderated by: Jiansong Zhang, Western Michigan University, email hidden; JavaScript is required


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