Where We Are, Where We’re Going

Pavement Preservation Journal, Winter 2016, Vol. 9, No. 4
Rod Birdsall, President, FP², Inc.

This will be my final President’s Message, as my term will end with the January 2017 board of directors meeting. I would like to use this last editorial to reflect on the last three years, and describe the challenges of the future.

It has been an honor for me to have been the president of FP2 Inc., and it was an awesome experience to represent the industry during this exciting time.  We are furthering the knowledge of the need for, and acceptance of, pavement preservation.

During this time we have worked diligently to get a long-term surface transportation program, which includes pavement preservation (MAP-21 and the FAST Act), expanded the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT)/MnROAD pavement preservation field research, and worked hand in hand with the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) to get the word out on pavement preservation best practice.

I want to commend the companies, associations and individuals who believe in and have supported FP2 with their talents and financial support. We have made it a policy to recognize them in each edition of Pavement Preservation Journal. They truly are industry leaders in pavement preservation, and believers in the need to advance the word.

They stand above all others. My thanks to each of them for their support. Still, I continue to be disappointed that others in the pavement preservation industry don’t join us in our efforts.

As an industry we are extremely fortunate to have Jim Moulthrop, P.E., as our executive director. It has been a tremendous experience for me to work side by side with Jim to advance our mission of advocacy, research and communication. Jim is extremely well-known and respected throughout the industry and government agencies. FP2 and pavement preservation would not be where it is today without his commitment, leadership and diligent efforts from the beginning of the preservation movement to what is now FP2.

Our advocacy efforts over the past several years have had a great impact and resulted in the pavement preservation language in the highway bills. Tracy Taylor has done an outstanding job of representing us and leading us through the labyrinthine halls of Congress. We must continue these efforts to ensure pavement preservation is advanced politically, and that the long-term funding issues for transportation are addressed.

I also want to address our continued need and support for pavement preservation research. A concept of need by Buzz Powell, Randy West and NCAT led to work with FP2, and now 17 states and MnROAD have joined us to place and evaluate in-place practical preservation treatments of all types in two different climates.

The long-term data being generated will be invaluable in the future in proving the life-extending performance and value of pavement preservation treatments in “Keeping Good Roads Good”. I encourage you to look at the NCAT website (www.ncat.us) and review the latest results from the NCAT/MnROAD study.

My final recognition is to Larry Galehouse, P.E., and what he has done for pavement preservation via the National Center for Pavement Preservation.

Larry has been a champion for our industry dating back to his years at Michigan DOT. Larry and his team – along with FP2 and Michigan State University – led to the NCPP and the TSP•2 program becoming a driving force in pavement preservation.

In my career, the best conference I ever attended was the 2012 National Pavement Preservation Conference in Nashville. By the time you read this, the 2016 NPPC will have occurred with record attendance. Larry was instrumental in bringing both events to fruition. Look to our Spring 2017 issue for extensive coverage of this most important event.

After years of service to pavement preservation, Larry has announced his retirement. I want to personally thank him for what he has done for our industry and wish him well.

Before I go I want to challenge everyone to think of what lies ahead for our pavement preservation community.

We must be united in our efforts to secure proper funding for transportation. It’s shameful that all the politicians talk about infrastructure needs, but the federal dollars committed to transportation is less than two percent of the federal budget.

At the January 2017 board meeting we will have elected a new FP2 president. I know whomever is elected will have new ideas for FP2 Inc. and the pavement preservation of the future.

You can do your part to make that individual’s vision become a reality. If you are not now a contributor to FP2 please consider joining our efforts or donating your time.  And if you are a current supporter, please accept my personal thanks as you continue to support FP2 financially and by sharing your talents.


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