Best Practices Summary Report Available

The Domestic Scan 07-05 Best Practices in Bridge Management Decision-Making summary report is now available for download.

Scan 07-05 is a domestic scan focusing on practices among US transportation departments for identifica-tion, prioritization and execution of programs for maintenance of highway bridges. The scan is includes review of DOT manuals, guidelines, and policy statements, collection of responses to amplifying ques-tions from DOTs, and travel to seven sites for meetings with DOT staff. The most detailed information is collected from thirteen DOTs that participated in meetings with the scan team. Document review in-cludes input from eleven other DOTs; overall, the desk scan includes sixty-eight documents collected from twenty-one US transportation agencies. All sources are state or local government agencies of the United States (Table 1).
Materials collected from participating agencies during scan travel include PowerPoint presentations, maintenance manuals, technical memoranda, coding guides, policy memos, and spreadsheets used in prioritizing and executing bridge maintenance work.
This scan collects policies and procedures only. Visits to bridge sites or other field sites are not part of the scan.

Download Report

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