AASHTO Bridge Element Inspection Manual, 1st Edition Now Available

The Bridge Element Inspection Manual builds on the element level condition assessment methods developed in the AASHTO Guide for Commonly Recognized Structural Elements. Improvements have been made to fully capture the condition of the elements by reconfiguring the element language to utilize multiple distress paths within the defined condition states. The multi-path distress language provides the means to fully incorporate all possible defects within the overall condition assessment of the element. The overall condition of an element can be utilized in this aggregate form, or broken down into specific defects present as desired by the agency for Bridge Management System (BMS) use. The Bridge Element Inspection Manual provides a comprehensive set of bridge elements that is designed to be flexible in nature to satisfy the needs of all agencies. The complete set of elements capture the components necessary for an agency to manage all aspects of the bridge in ventory utilizing the full capability of a BMS. 2011. 172 pp.

Download Manual

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