Bridge Preservation Strategies Subject of New FHWA Guide

Pavement Preservation Journal, Fall 2011, Vol. 5, No. 1

A new guide to bridge preservation was released recently and is available for download.

Released in May 2011, the new Bridge Preservation Guide: Maintaining State of Good Repair Using Cost Effective Investment Strategies provides an overview of preventive and systemic preservation activities for bridge structures.

Bridge preservation is defined as actions or strategies that prevent, delay or reduce deterioration of bridges or bridge elements, restore the function of existing bridges, keep bridges in good condition and extend their life, according to the guide.

Like pavement preservation, effective bridge preservation actions are intended to delay the need for costly reconstruction or replacement actions by applying preservation strategies and actions on bridges while they are still in good or fair condition and before the onset of serious deterioration. Bridge preservation encompasses preventive maintenance and rehabilitation activities.

An effective bridge preservation program

  • Employs long-term strategies and practices at the network level to preserve the condition of bridges and to extend their useful life
  • Has sustained and adequate resources and funding sources, and
  • Has adequate tools and processes to ensure that the appropriate cost effective treatments are applied at the appropriate time.

Download the new Bridge Preservation Guide at

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