Powerful New Rationale for Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation Journal, Fall 2011, Vol. 5, No. 1

President’s Message – By J. Baxter Burns, II
President, FP2, Inc.

We in the pavement preservation community need no convincing of the benefits of asset management and preservation.

We’ve built our careers around it, and our efforts are divided between applying pavement preservation
principles in the field, improving preservation materials and techniques in the lab and test facility, and proselytizing others to adopt road preservation strategies.

That’s why it was so rewarding in June 2011 to see new support for pavement preservation emerge “inside the Beltway”. Such support will be critical as FP2, Inc. forges ahead with its efforts to get pavement preservation included in the long-delayed surface transportation program reauthorization legislation now being debated on Capitol Hill.

There we are finding support among legislators. For example, during the 10th Transportation Construction Coalition lobbying “fly-in” May 25, FP2 supporters had a total of 20 meetings with legislators and staff. Very positive feedback regarding pavement preservation was reported by the delegates.

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