NHI Course 132089 – TCCC Earthwork Series: Earth Materials as Engineering Materials (Web-based Training)


The Earth Materials as Engineering Materials is part of the Earthwork Series. This training is an overview of the basic properties of earth materials or soil and their engineering properties as they relate to construction. Soil is the product of mechanical and chemical weathering of rocks. Most naturally occurring soils consist of a mixture of assorted grains of different sizes and shapes.

This course consists of five lessons. The lessons include components and types of soil, soil description and classification, engineering characteristics, process of material verification, and preliminary inspector responsibilities. The course discusses the Atterberg Limits, which include shrinkage limits, liquid limits, plastic limits, and plastic index. These are the four basic measures of the nature of fine-grained soil. This is an interactive training that covers all areas thoroughly, including questions to ensure the participant understands the materials.

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