NHI Course 132090 – TCCC Earthwork Series: Site Preparation (Web-based Training)


Site Preparation is one of the modules included in the Earthwork Series. This module of the series is designed to help inspectors understand responsibilities of preparing the site for the start of the construction process. This would include clearing and grubbing, utility relocation, and inspector responsibilities.

The first lesson of this module will define clearing, grubbing, and scalping of the site and cover the plan notes. The second lesson covers utility location. It will define the main utility groups and utility relocation types and will discuss preparation and staking procedures. This lesson also discusses the need for traffic control during the relocation process. The last lesson covers the inspector’s role during the utility new and relocation process. This lesson covers backfilling and compaction, utility conflicts, and documentation responsibilities. This course will assist the inspector in making sure the site is prepared according to specifications and in a safe environment.

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