NHI Course 134109D – Base and Subbase Stabilization and Repair (Web-based Training)


Before preservation treatments can be applied, localized repairs may be necessary for a pavement’s base or sub-base. The Base and Sub-base Stabilization and Repair course gives participants the knowledge they need to determine if the base or sub-base must be stabilized or repaired, to select the appropriate stabilization and repair methods for a given project, and to ensure the repair is performed properly.

This training reviews the failures and distresses that indicate structural deterioration exists in a roadway. The course also covers project selection and trade-off considerations through example roadway projects that give participants the opportunity to evaluate a roadway and determine if it is a candidate for reconstruction or repair. Participants can use this information, as well as guidance on design and construction, to make sound project planning decisions.

This training was developed as part of the Maintenance Training Series. To access all the courses in the series, enroll in the 134109 course.

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