NHI Course 134109E – Roadway Drainage (Web-based Training)


Shoulder, ditch, and pipe or culvert maintenance activities are performed frequently throughout the year. These activities are critical for avoiding hazardous roadway conditions and extending the life of pavements by controlling water flow along maintainable pathways. This course, Roadway Drainage, provides information on the purpose, function, and components of roadway drainage systems.

This course reviews the components of shoulders and ditches, the purpose of a roadway drainage inventory, and the permits used in roadway drainage maintenance. Examples of existing drainage inventories are provided. In addition, the benefits of proper water removal are discussed through examples of drainage system issues, such as ponding and washouts, in order to emphasize the connection between good drainage and roadway safety.

This training was developed as part of the Maintenance Training Series. To access all the courses in the series, enroll in the 134109 course.

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