Earthquake Insight Field Trip Planned for April 10 in Memphis

AASHTO Journal, 2 March 2012

The U.S. Geological Survey will host the eighth annual Earthquake Insight Field Trip. This one-day outreach event will occur April 10 starting in Memphis, Tennessee. Field-trip participants will learn about the earthquake history of the central United States and current exposures to earthquake hazards in this area.The field trip is primarily for non-scientists such as transportation agency staff, risk managers, business leaders, elected officials, and journalists. It will be led by geo-scientists, engineers, and emergency planners who are up to date in current research and practice.

An examination of at-risk infrastructure and transportation corridors will be part of the excursion to help participants learn how to ask the right questions and recognize earthquake risks to their operations and properties.

USGS’ field-trip route will include earthquake-related sites in western Tennessee, northeast Arkansas, and southeast Missouri. There will also be discussion of several industries that have concentrated exposure to earthquake risk in the central United States. The trip will conclude back in Memphis.

More information is available at Cost is $95 per person. To register, please contact Phyllis Steckel at psteckel AT or 636-239-4013. The field trip is limited to 30 participants.

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